SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION

SCARS™ Scam Definition: EXTORTION Many Scam Victims Are Frequently Confused About The Definitions Of Cyber-Enabled Crimes, Such As Scams, Blackmail Or Extortion EXTORTION IS VERY SIMPLY OBTAINING BENEFIT THROUGH COERCION In most jurisdictions, extortion is a criminal offense. Pure and simple! Here is the definition in many U.S. States' Legal Codes: The crime of Extortion is committed when a person maliciously threatens to: Accuse another of any crime or offense; Injure the person, property or [...]

SCARS™ Cyber Basics: Three Random Words

SCARS™ Cyber Basics: Three Random Words Three Random Words Or What Makes A Good Password? You're probably aware that there’s a lot of guidance out there on what makes a good password — and it can be incredibly confusing. This should help. We advise that you create passwords using three random words both because they are easier to remember and are hard to guess. You just put them together, like 'coffeetrainfish' or ‘walltinshirt’. You can [...]

SCARS™ Scam Basics: The Proper Scam Reporting Process [Infographics]

SCARS™ Scam Basics: The Proper Scam Reporting Process [Infographics] Yes It Makes A Difference How You Report Scammers Just posting a name, or photo, or link on Facebook accomplishes very little or nothing. It is strictly a placebo (unless people are actively taking down the fake profiles). But it does NOTHING to get them arrested. Neither does posting them on any of the thousands of amateur pretender or fake anti-scam group websites. SCARS is the [...]

SCARS™ Cyber Basics: Social Media Cybersecurity

SCARS™ Cyber Basics: Social Media Cybersecurity Now More Than Ever, Consumers Spend Increasing Amounts Of Time On The Internet With every social media account you sign up for, every picture you post, and status you update, you are sharing information about yourself with the world. How can you be proactive to stay safe online and, “Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.”? You have to be Cyber Smart and take these simple steps to connect with confidence [...]