SCARS|RSN – Cobalt Alert™ – Stranger Danger

//SCARS|RSN - Cobalt Alert™ - Stranger Danger

SCARS|RSN™ Gallery: Collection Of Latest REAL Scammer Photos #31582

SCARS|RSN™ Gallery: Collection Of Latest REAL Scammer Photos #31582 Here Are Photos We Have Found Of Apparently REAL Scammers! Remember, scammers use thousands of fake or stolen names for each face they steal. However, these are their real faces that our team and volunteers have tracked down! All of these scammers have been reported by the public or our Volunteers! Thank you all of you! Of course, these are mostly street-level thug scammers, not the corporate cartel [...]

RSN™ Commentary: Reporting Fakes To Facebook Is A Waste Of Time?

RSN™ Commentary: Reporting Fakes To Facebook Is A Waste Of Time? What Good Does Reporting Fakes To Facebook Do? For each one that we shut down, another pops up right? Yes, indeed. So why does it matter? If you think like that you are being defeatist from the get-go. You are overlooking the real reasons for things and focusing on your own disillusionment and disappointment. Why do we take down as many fake profiles as [...]


JUNE 2018 HAS BEEN ONE FOR THE RECORD BOOKS! OVER 3,000 SCAMMERS ARRESTED JUST THIS MONTH SO FAR! Please Share This News! THAT IS NEARLY 2% OF THE ESTIMATED 110,000 ACTIVE SCAMMERS WORLDWIDE! BASICALLY IN TWO WEEKS! While we know that is probably not sustainable, it represents the first MAJOR blow to the scamming cartels - EVER! Not only will this encourage more enforcement, but it finally sends the message to the scammers that they are not [...]

MoneyGram Or Western Union Statements

MoneyGram Or Western Union Tried To Warn You! How Many Of You Paid Attention To The Statements On MoneyGram Or Western Union? For your protection... MoneyGram is working to protect you and your family from fraud. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Valued MoneyGram Customer STOP! Please Read! MONEY TRANSFER FRAUD WARNING Answer the questions below to help KEEP YOUR MONEY SAFE: Are you sending money to the IRS or another government agency? Are you sending money, returning an [...]

Stupid Things People Will Believe!

OMG - The Stupid Things People Will Believe! We had this come up again today, so wanted to share the story of another victim. The purpose is not to shame them, but to use them as an example for the rest of you. We had someone call our offices a while back and try to convince us that U.S. Military Officers and Enlisted Personnel are allowing scammers to use their photos (and presumably their identities) [...]

Why Are You Here?

LET US ASK YOU: WHY ARE YOU HERE? An RSN Commentary - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - We help more than a thousand people a day. Half say nothing is being done by anyone. Another quarter ask basic questions that we answer almost every day in our posts, notes, and comment, but they never look. What does that tell us? It tells [...]

Romance Scam Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights

SCARS Is Developing a Romance Scam Crime Victim's Bill of Rights We would like your opinions on what should be included in this Bill of Rights for Scam Victims Here are the key points for this set of rights. Victims have the right to: Be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim's dignity and privacy. Be helped to prepare their report of the scam in a way that can be useful and proper [...]


STRANGER CONTACT WARNING We want to alert you to a a potential problem with people who comment on anti-scam pages & websites. That person may be a MULE or a SCAMMER recruiting. There are victims who fall under a fairy tale told by scammers - that someone is going to help all of these victims, and wants their connections (mules) to go out and connect with victims so "He" can help them. Warning them about [...]

How To Become A Successful YAHOO BOY

How To Become A Successful Yahoo Boy The following is extracted from an article about how to commit Romance Scams SOURCE: NAIJAHOTS.COM BLOG This is the opening statement of the article - that it was written by a practitioner - encouraging more to join their ranks. This isn't so good, but I would show you how to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria without the use of yahoo plus rituals. Most of you might have searched the internet [...]

[SPANISH / EN ESPAÑOL] – Estafa Nigeriana

Estafa Nigeriana La estafa nigeriana, timo nigeriano o timo 419 se lleva a cabo principalmente por correo electrónico no solicitado. Adquiere su nombre del número de artículo del código penal de Nigeria que viola, ya que buena parte de estas estafas provienen de ese país. Esta estafa consiste en ilusionar a la víctima con una fortuna inexistente y persuadirla para que pague una suma de dinero por adelantado, como condición para acceder a la supuesta [...]

[SPANISH / EN ESPAÑOL] Scam Baiting (Jugando Con Estafadores) – No Es Buen Idea!

Scam Baiting (Jugando Con Estafadores) - No Es Buen Idea! Nuestra posición oficial: Estamos totalmente en desacuerdo con Scambaiting y no lo recomendamos. Esto se debe a que nuestros estudios han demostrado que Scam Baiting solo hace que los estafadores sean mejores en su trabajo. Cuanto más tiempo pasan con diferentes scemarios, mejor se vuelven. ¿Qué es el timo de estafa? El scam baiting (del inglés scam, «estafa», «timo» y baiting, «tentar», «tender una trampa») [...]


REPORTING INCOME TAX FRAUD A new way to report tax identity theft identity theft is hard enough. That’s why we keep working to make recovering from it easier. It’s also why we’re happy to let you know about an innovative project by the FTC and IRS that lets people report tax-related identity theft to the IRS online, using the FTC’s website to file IRS Form 14039. Tax-related identity theft happens when someone uses your [...]

Editorial – Letting Go & Doing Something About It

You Need To Let Go A touch of "tough love" from Romance Scams Now A victim recently corresponded with us about how he was scammed over a 6 month period by a Ghana scammer known as GIFTY. If you have read our website, you would know that anyone in Ghana named Gifty should be assumed to be a scammer. What is always tragic is how hard it is to accept the fact that it was [...]


WHY ARE YOU HERE? That is kind of a rude question! Imagine some stranger came up to you on the street and asked you that? You would be put off, right? But if you were in their house, it would be different, right? However, sincerely would like to know WHY you are here at this website? It's a rhetorical question actually - meaning you don't need to answer us, but you need to answer it [...]


WATCH OUT FOR PRO-DATERS Local Romance Scammers The pro-dater differs from the other romance scams in their method of operation; a face-to-face meeting actually does take place in the scammer's country but is devoted solely into manipulating the mark into spending as much money as possible in relatively little time, with little or nothing in return. This is most common to Eastern Europe, and specifically the Ukraine. The scheme usually involves accomplices, such as an [...]

Scammer Threats

Being Threatened By Scammers Many of you have been subject to threats from scammers. Many are still afraid. Just remember that scammers are liars - first, last, and everything in between. They lie about everything, even when you think they are confessing, it is a lie, designed to weaken you and make you feel sorry for them as they steal their money! BE JUDGMENTAL Look at them as what they are - they are Liars. [...]

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