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Scammer: Mercy J [email protected] (Nanda)

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Mercy Again – photo stolen This one is a repeat offender!  Lord Give Us Mercy! See her again here:   She Is: Mercy J (Nanda)[email protected] […]

Scammer: Ricool Rita Oliver [email protected]

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Ricool Rita Oliver [email protected] – photo probably stolen Nigerians Are The Best! They are so smooth and write so flawlessly most of the time, but they always make the same mistakes.  Takes all the fun out of it! So this one is: RicoolRita OliverLos Angeles, [email protected] [...]

Scammer: 2nd Rate Ghanan – Loretta Mabar [email protected]

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Loretta – Scammer The Ghana Scammers are so second rate! The succeed because people are stupid, but they are SO EASY to spot! Anyway, this one is: Loretta Mabar [email protected] […]

REPEAT Scammer: Becky Page

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Becky Page [email protected] – images probably stolen Yet Another Ghana Scammer They just never give up.  What’s the definition of insanity? This time she is: Becky Page [email protected] Is also A Repeat Scammer Also Know As: Beck Ellis » Yusifyn Destiny »   […]

What SCARS|RSN Visitors [...]

Scammer: Dabria Evans from Norway [email protected] [email protected]

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Dabria Evans from Norway [email protected] evans.d[email protected] They Leave No Stone Unturned, and No Country Un Touched! This one is from Norway – Ya Sure! She Is: Dabria [email protected] […]

SCARS|RSN™ Another Fake Female – Example 419 Scammer Profile In Use

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SCARS|RSN™ Another Fake Female Identity – Example 419 Scammer Profile In Use Another Variation On The Typical Fake Female Scam SHE IS: Mrs. Barbara Briggs & Cynthia [email protected]  […]

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