This is what NOT talking to your family about scams and dangers online looks like!

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Home Truths is Internet Watch Foundation’s latest campaign to help prevent the creation of self-generated child sexual imagery online. In 2020, we confirmed 68,000 cases of self-generated imagery, a rise of 77% on 2019. Self-generated imagery accounts for nearly half (44%) the imagery we took action on last year. In 80% of these cases, the victims were 11- to 13-year-old girls. Any child, no matter what their background, with unrestricted access to internet-connected devices, is at risk. We want to build resilience to the threat of self-generated sexual abuse of children, thereby reducing the number of incidences. We want parents/carers to have an increased awareness of this problem and feel motivated and equipped to protect their children. Parents are encouraged to T.A.L.K to their children about the dangers. – Talk to your child about online sexual abuse. Start the conversation – and listen to their concerns. – Agree ground rules about the way you use technology as a family. – Learn about the platforms and apps your child loves. Take an interest in their online life. – Know how to use tools, apps and settings that can help to keep your child safe online. Help us spread the word and close the door to online child sexual abusers. More info and resources at

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