Scam Vigilantes Are Dangerous

SCARS™ Insights: Naming & Shaming Scammers!

SCARS™ Insights: Naming & Shaming Scammers! One of our scam victim's support group members asked a very important question: "IS IT POSSIBLE TO NAME AND SHAME THESE CRIMINALS PUBLICLY?" First, We Need To Ask The Question - Why Is This Important? To Victims? To Anyone? A very large percentage of scam victims almost demand to be able to name and shame their scammers. This is almost an instinctual response after their scam ends and they [...]

SCARS™ Psychology Of Scams: Scam Obsession – Becoming Scam Junkie

SCARS™ Psychology Of Scams: Scam Obsession - Becoming Scam Junkie Some Victims Replace The Obsession Of The Scam With Another Obsession About Scams Unfortunately, some scam victims simply cannot turn away from the scam once it has ended. Those Of Us That Assist Scam Victims Cannot Turn Away From Scams We are forced to deal with scams and scammers on a daily basis. We write about them, report scammers, and help victims. This activity [...]

SCARS™ Psychology of Scams: The Dark Side – Schadenfreude

SCARS™ Psychology of Scams: The Dark Side - Schadenfreude For Many Years We Have Attempted To Understand The Obsessions Many Scam Victims Experience With Scammer Photos! Most victims, especially those that are still carrying substantial anger argue that they want to see scammer photos to avoid future scams. But there is something deeper in this replacement addiction - replacing the addiction of the scam for a new addiction (or obsession) with scammer photos. It [...]


SCARS™ SCAM VICTIM WARNING Official SCARS Statement Scam victims are being contacted on Facebook by someone from an amateur pretender one man anti-scam group to get victims to leave their support and recovery programs to join his. He is engaged in a campaign of defamation against our organization and others. Please be careful about who you believe out there. Some anti-scammers are so full of rage and hate that anyone not with them is an [...]

Victim’s 7 Deadly Sins – SCARS™ Scam Recovery

SCARS™ Scam Recovery: Victim's 7 Deadly Sins When Scam Victims Cross The Line WARNING: This Is Going To Be A Fire And Brimstone Kind Of Sermon About Scam Victims Its purpose is not to blame, shame, or condemn, but to help recent victims understand that their after-scam decisions have just as many consequences as their decision to let their scammer in. Who Are We To Talk About This? SCARS is a victims assistance and support [...]