Ghana Police Asleep On Scammers!

//Ghana Police Asleep On Scammers!

Ghana Police Asleep On Scammers!

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Ghana Police Asleep On Scammers!

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  1. Ricko Thornton March 18, 2017 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Please wake up please a lot of us. Amarican men are being scammed by people over there. Women and Me have stolen photos of Lana Brooke she is claiming that she has gold and a lot of it we have been talking for a year I have been going though a year of this and she promised to be with me if I sent three hundred and fifty dollars and yes I did and now she is saying her brother. . Daniel Tetteh so I do not know what is going on over there but this is not fair at all I know in my heart and soul I couldn’t do this to no one anyone. That can be this low is evil I mean evil I am looking for love not to be scammed by anyone so please let me report this for free please I am still talking to this person to this day if people would let us report this stuff for free and not wanting money we would be able to stop this because now this person is trying to get me to get a bank account and everything I sent lots of money though. Western union and I get nothing back from this person so please help me this person is claiming to be Lana Brooke but this person is saying that she changed her name to. Sarah Adeikotey when she moved to Ghana Accra so I am begin with you people help find out if this is real are fake my heart is telling me it’s fake and this is not a real romance this is a scam I truly believe this now. Sincerely Ricko Thornton

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