Here is a post taken from SKYPE itself, but it paints a graphic picture of what can happen when dealing with scammers.

Updated: June 11, 2014

Remember, they will steal your photos, and record your videos.  They will use them against you if they can!

Take a look at this:  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/micwright/100009856/sexual-blackmail-on-skype-how-sadistic-crooks-drive-young-people-to-the-point-of-suicide/

‎11-09-2013 09:47

Im reporting a scammer that has taken a nude video of me and has threatened to post it to all of my contacts. I new a random girl talking to me was too good to be true but like an idiot I did. She was naked asked me to do the same then obliged. She contacted me through the dating site Plenty of Fish. I used the skype app on my phone so I still have all of our text messages including one from me stating

[09/11/2013 2:29 AM] I do not consent to the posting of any nude or revealing pictures of my self. Doing so will result in legal actions pursuint of criminal privacy codes”

Now do I call 911 or how do I report this to the authorities? Hell I dont care if people see me naked, 5 years in the army nudity doesnt scare you anymore. But that this bitch has the balls to threaten me pisses me the hell off. I want her thrown in jail.