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SCARS™ Scam & Scamming News: EFCC Raids Suspected Yahoo Boys, Arrests 25 in Imo State Nigeria

SCARS™ Scam & Scamming News: EFCC Raids Suspected Yahoo Boys, Arrests 25 in Imo State Nigeria 1

According to the Nigerian Press:

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission from South East zonal office, Enugu, swooped on Owerri and arrested no fewer than 25 suspected Internet fraudsters, popularly called ‘Yahoo’ boys.

The incident, which happened at Spibat Avenue and suspected to be haven of suspected cyber crime gangs, came just two weeks after the anti-graft agents from the South East zonal office in Enugu raided the Okwu-Uratta area of the state capital and arrested 37 suspects, and also seized cars and phones from them.

A Police source who confirmed the development to our Correspondent said the EFCC operatives had been in the state since Sunday.

He said they swung into action on Monday (May 27) morning after the state Commissioner of Police, Rabiu Ladodo, had approved their activity in the state.

The source said, “The EFCC operatives from South East zonal office in Enugu arrived Owerri on Sunday (May 26) and proceeded to the Command headquarters where their activity in the state was approved by the Commissioner of Police.

“They have already crime-mapped their activities in the state.”

“They didn’t request for any assistance from the Police. What they required was for the CP to endorse their activities in the state.”

“Immediately the CP approved their activity in the state, they moved into action and went to Spibat Avenue where Yahoo boys in the state live.”

“As we speak, about 25 have been arrested. They are likely to keep them in our custody till tomorrow (Tuesday May 28) before they leave with them for Enugu.”

When contacted, the CP told our Correspondent that he was aware of the presence of the EFCC operatives from Enugu.

He said the anti-graft agents had reported to the Command headquarters on Monday before proceeding to their activity in the state.

The CP said, “Yes, the EFCC operatives reported to Command before proceeding to carry out the action for which they are in the state.

“We are aware, but we are not part of the operation.”

A resident of Spibat Avenue told our correspondent that the EFCC operatives, who were armed, stormed the avenue and started raiding houses being occupied by their targets.

The source said, “On arrival, the EFCC operatives cordoned off the street, blocked the gates leading to the houses of their targets and started raiding the apartments.

“Their operational modality was scary, so we ran away.

“Many people, especially young boys, were arrested.

“Cars, laptops and expensive phones, especially iPhones, were impounded and confiscated by the EFCC operatives.”



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SCARS™ Scam & Scamming News: EFCC Raids Suspected Yahoo Boys, Arrests 25 in Imo State Nigeria 2


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