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SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Nigerian EFCC Arrests Ten More Scammers & Recovered USD$4,601,351.79

EFCC Arrests Ten Suspected Internet Fraudsters

The Port Harcourt’s Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arrested ten suspected Internet fraudsters. They were arrested in different locations and at different times across Port Harcourt (Rivers State), Warri (Delta State) and Asaba (Delta State) in a sting operation.

The suspects are:

  • Alia Jamike Chinemerem
  • Ogbiugba Ifeany Henry
  • Uchanna Cyril
  • Samuel Obomovo
  • Israel Ogagaoghene
  • Israel Diaso
  • Aghariagbonse Destiny
  • Aretuemhen Frank
  • Paul Esibhakpen
  • Loius Idehen.

Investigations Showed That The Suspects Were Involved In Love Scam With Many Of Them Purporting To Be Officers Of The American Army.


SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Nigerian EFCC Arrests Ten More Scammers & Recovered USD$4,601,351.79

SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Nigerian EFCC Arrests Ten More Scammers & Recovered USD$4,601,351.79

Various scam emails where the suspects posed as officers of the US Army were traced to them. One of the suspects, Israel Diasco had successfully defrauded an Indian lady, Promilla Lama of a huge amount of money still being verified. Another, Chinemerem, (alias Good Thaddy) confessed to being a “Picker.”

A picker is a fraudster that provides foreign accounts to other Internet fraudsters which they usually used to receive money from any unfortunate victim. A picker is allegedly paid 30% of the total amount received in any of such accounts.

Meanwhile, the Port Harcourt’s Zonal Office has secured 33 convictions so far in 2018. This was disclosed on Thursday, 20th December 2018 by the Zonal Head, Mr. Nnaghe Obono Itam in a News Conference in Port Harcourt.

Also, a total sum of N1,674,891,899  (USD$4,601,351.79) had been recovered during the period. Also recovered were various sums in Dollars & Euros of USD 552, 368.55 and E5,225.00 Euros.

This makes this one of the largest recoveries from Internet Scammers in Nigerian History!


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FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & scammers, even though there is nothing (in most cases) that they can do.

Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

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  2. Your National Police or FBI (
  3. The Scars Worldwide Reporting Network HERE or on

This helps your government understand the problem, and allows law enforcement to add scammers on watch lists worldwide.

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