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One Ring Call Phone Scam – Scam Basics

One Ring Call Phone Scam SCARS Scam Basics The Mysterious One Ring Call Phone Scam Why Would Anyone Do This? Your phone rings once and the call stops. If you answer all you hear is silence! You are tempted to call them back, but don't do it! The criminal (human or automation) on the other end hopes you call the number back to see [...]

COVID Patient Family Member Scam

COVID Patient Family Member Scam Scammers Are Always Creative In Finding New Ways To Steal Your Money Warning - Scammers Target Loved Ones Of COVID-19 Victims A New Form Of Government Imposter Scam Government imposters may have hit a new low with a scheme that targets the grieving survivors of people who died of COVID-19 by offering them help paying for their loved one’s funeral expenses. There is [...]