The SCARS team covers not only an enormous amount of information but offers invaluable education regarding online scammers.

One way Information is delivered daily in concise articles that are clear, logical and effective. The integrity of this organization is superior to other scam groups.

Their teams put a lot of thought and expertise into not only the information shared but into their prompt responses to report, block and delete these manipulators. I appreciate their directness, they understand the psychosocial control the scammers have over their victims.

I read the sites daily it to stay current and to obtain new knowledge. A key benefit with their social media sites is receiving feedback. I also belong to a closed group SCARS Support Group as I too was victimized and remain traumatized by a romance scam. Albeit I am recovering.

The SCARS social network format gives me the confidence to share my experiences and to learn how to keep safe online.

I may not share all the personal details of being scammed with everyone I meet but I do share the knowledge I learn about these predators.

I truly hope SCARS organization continues to thrive, sharing posts, information, continued work with the federal government, sharing worldwide news articles and videos.

We must stay vigilant as the scammers adapt and become smarter every day. Awareness, reporting, and education are our only defense.

All things I wish I knew all this sooner.