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SCAMMER:  Sophia Ball (Precious), 33  sophiaball16@yahoo.com  Miami, FL, United States / Accra, Ghana

SCAMMER: Sophia Ball (Precious), 33 [email protected] Miami, FL, United States / Accra, Ghana

Just An Old Fashion Love Song …

Written With Ghana Harmony!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Sophia Ball (Precious), 33  
[email protected]
Miami, FL, United States / Accra, Ghana

The Scammer’s Written Description Is:


I’m an open, kind, serious, confident, cheerful, responsible Girl,. I hope to create a happy… I love relaxing on the beach, boating, and scuba

Her Interests:

  • Green Mile
  • Linkin Park
  • R&B and Hip-hop  
  • Cinema  
  • Playing music  
  • Sunsets  
  • Tattoos  
  • Red Bull  
  • Gospel  
  • Beach  
  • South Park  
  • Harry Potter

Her Chat:

Me — 02:18
[US Eastern Time]: Merry Christmas Precious
Precious — 02:18: Same to you Gentleman
Me  — 02:19: You are up very late
Me  — 02:19: planning on doing any diving this weekend?
Precious — 02:20: Oh nice…how long have you been on this site?
Me  — 02:20: a while
Me  — 02:20: planning on doing any diving this weekend?
Precious — 02:20: oh okay
Precious — 02:21: whats your bad experience online dating?
Me  — 02:22: what time is it there?
Precious — 02:22: is 7:17am here  [gotcha!]
Me  — 02:23: do you live in the city, or outside Accra?
Precious — 02:23: Yes l live in accra   [gotcha again!]
Me  — 02:24: why did you lie in your profile?
Precious — 02:24: Am here as stuff Nurse with my grandmum
Me  — 02:24: can I have your email address and I will write to you?
Precious — 02:25: [email protected]
Precious — 02:25: can l have yours
Me  — 02:25: you will get it with my email  [sending our Juju Curse}
Precious — 02:27: Do you want to chat more with me there?

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