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SCARS™ Fake Female Identity – Example Scammer Profile In Use #987

Swedish Scammer by way of Ghana – SCAMMER: Priscilla Abekoe, 31 (Prisc2g4) priscilla_abekoe@yahoo.com


Priscilla Abekoe, 31 (Prisc2g4) priscilla_abekoe@yahoo.com / Priscilla_ebekoe@live.commailto:Priscilla_ebekoe@live.com - photo probably stolen

Priscilla Abekoe, 31 (Prisc2g4) priscilla_abekoe@yahoo.com / Priscilla_ebekoe@live.commailto:Priscilla_ebekoe@live.com – photo stolen from Karla Spice Lopez

Stolen Photo From Karla Spice Lopez »

This Romance Scammer Goes By:

The Scammer’s Details Are:

“Two Heads are Better Than One xoxoxx”
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Country: Sweden
Location: Abborremala, Blekinge, Sweden
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Asian
Hair Color: Black hair
Eye Color: Black
Religion: Christian / Catholic
Astrological sign: Gemini
Level of Education: High school
Occupation: Other
Income: I’ll tell you later
Smoking: I’ll tell you later
Drinking: Don’t Drink
Relationship Status: Never Married
Have Children: Yes living at home
Want Children: Yes
Looking to meet a: Male Age: 47 to 99
Relationship Desired: I’ll tell you later

Scammer’s Written Description Is:

I am a very sociable, responsible and goal oriented lady. I enjoy every day of my life and I firmly believe we should look at the bright side of a road all the time. I am very many sided and I enjoy exploring new things and having new experience. I am tender, attentive, loving, caring, supportive, sweet and delicate. I am honest, sincere, faithful and I have good sense of humor. Creation is my passion because of my profession (you see, I can even write poems!) and I like creating new things, designs and styles all the time. I try to make the world more beautiful by helping people to discover their uniqueness and inner beauty. You can always rely on me and be sure I will never betray you. I am romantic, charming and seductive so if you are ready, I offer you to start knowing each other right 

You are a goal oriented and serious man who is reliable and who knows that he is a family leader. You are a man who will let me feel that I am a tender lady and I am cared of and protected. You are mature and be able to solve any problem. Your age is not important for me because age is only a number saying nothing about your personal qualities, your experience and your personality in common. Your appearance is not important either as well as your height and weight. But you are attentive, loving, faithful and you look for a real lady who will make you the happiest man in the world and make you feel as a king. So, if you were looking for this kind of a lady, you have found her already because it is me! Don’t hesitate to check it right now! 

Her Initial Message Was:

Nice to meet you contact me here priscilla_abekoe at 
yahoo dot com and I will tell you more about me … 
Take care and I hope I will hear from you soon. 


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  • Please remember that this is a fake identity that uses stolen photos and/or information from a real person.
  • Do Not Contact Him/Her – You Do Not Have A Relationship With Them!
  • They Do Not Want To Hear From Men or Women Who Have Fallen In Love With Their Face Or Details – This Is All Just A Fantasy!
  • The Real Person Is A Victim Also And Deserving Of His or Her Privacy And Respect
  • They Almost Always Already Know Their Identity Has Been Stolen And Used By Scammers Because Of All The Victims That Invade Their Privacy

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You Know We Are All Fakes, Right?

You Know We Are All Fakes, Right?



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