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SCAMMER: Juanitta, 33 Florida City, FL (from Ghana)

SCAMMER: Juanitta, 33 Florida City, FL (from Ghana)

Another Scammer Caught

They totally loose it when they get caught!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Juanitty, 33
Florida City, FL


The Scammer’s Details Are:

Personal info

Relationship status: I’m single
Sexuality: I’m straight
Appearance: 4′ 8” (142cm), 104lbs (47kg), muscular body, black hair and brown eyes
Living: By myself
Kids: Someday
Smoking: Non-smoker
Drinking: No
Languages: Swedish

SCAMMER: Juanitta, 33 Florida City, FL (from Ghana)

SCAMMER: Juanitta, 33 Florida City, FL (from Ghana)

The Scammer’s Written Description Is:

About me

I am very serious, smart and healthy. I don’t stop on learning something new. I am very womanish and I am very devoted and giving person. I am family oriented. I hope that I will meet a person, whom become my soul mate, my partner and my best friend. I am calm and peaceful woman, I always aspire to harmony with people and myself. I am not a conflict or hot tempered person. My friends say that I am hopeless optimistic. I always care and try to help with everything I can.

Interested in

I will be happy to find a man who will become a part of my life and only with him we will go together hand in hand through everything that life will offer us, being one single unity. Loving, caring husband and father for whom his family and home always will be the most important in his life. I would like to meet honest, sincere, caring man. I dream to get married with my beloved one for rest of my life and never be separate with my love.

Her Message:

Juanitta — 20:22 hello
Me — 20:22 hello to you too
Me — 20:23 just get home from work?
Juanitta — 20:23 That is good to know,, so tell me what is your name?
Me — 20:24 I asked if you just got home from work?
Me — 20:24 My name is Me
Juanitta — 20:25 OOh , i had an off day today, so i was in the house all day.. I am also Juanitta by name and nice meeting you..
Me — 20:25 nice meeting you too
Me — 20:25 what kind of work do you do?
Juanitta — 20:26 I work as a sales girl at a cloths and also shoes company and how about you?
Me — 20:26 I’m in publishing
Me  — 20:27 Are you in Homestead?
Juanitta — 20:27 Well that is good to know and tell me what are you looking for on this site, if i may ask you then,, Yes i am in the house now
Me  — 20:28 Do you live in Accra itself, or out in the suburbs?
Juanitta — 20:28 what the fuck are you talking about
Me  — 20:29 really? that’s the best you can do when someone catches you as a scammer?
Juanitta — 20:30 really
A “Sales Girl”, either this one has been watching too much “MAD MEN” or lives on another continent – oh, wait – she does!

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