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2015-03-22T23:23:16-04:00March 22nd, 2015|

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  1. Stephanie January 22, 2017 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    Yes i was scamed, i went aganist my gut feeling. He asked me if I was married to one of his military colleagues that he was just touching out to her because her husband was killed and when I said no he said he was sorry and then he started talking to me Of course he said his wife died during childbirth he has a son the military Nanny was taking care of him he stationed at the base in West Virginia we talked for a few days he said he I was woman he was looking for to help take care of his son it was me just being widowed I was suckered in but I still had questions I keep asking over and over and he finally got mad it said a few words in Nigerian that course I looked up to see what they MIT and kept leading him on trying to find out more when I saw a couple women he commented he decided he didn’t want Facebook because it was not safe so we went to hang out I still have most of the conversation and pictures he had sent of money and gold bars that supposedly they had found in an abandoned house I let him I’ll let him know that I would not help him then of course he started cussing me out and saying things to me but I still just let go on so I could see where it went since I would not help him I told him I must not be the woman for him and he said that he would go and make a new Facebook account the military officer’s name is offenberger.

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