Esther Nkansah

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Esther Nkansah

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  1. Terry marten February 10, 2018 at 2:51 am - Reply

    These pictures were stolen by her ex-boyfriend who got rid of them by giving them to scammers he got paid a lot of money to do so this is was his revenge on her for leaving him he’s nothing but an a****** but because he’s in the service they let him get away with it so she’s out there suffering because other people have stoled lots and lots and lots of pictures of her and gave her a bunch of different name she is not the scammer she is the victim just like the one who’s gets scammed for the money she didn’t do this on purpose she didn’t know that her ex boyfriend would do this to her nobody thinks that the blunt the guy you loved one time or turn around and fast that backstab you nobody would think of that nobody thinks that an axe could do that to somebody and that wasn’t all the faster to done he tracked her down ain’t wanting to her apartment and raped her for one more time it wasn’t enough that he destroyed her life and everybody’s saying me drink mean things about her he had to rape her again and again and again the girl is trying to leave her life she isn’t scamming anybody she lives with no money because that’s the way she wants to live she helps children and she likes what she does why can’t you people leave her alone she is not that Linda Blair she is not nobody else she is her own self and I am not giving you her name but I’ll tell you this if you want to go after anybody go after her ex cuz I guarantee you call words won’t do nothing to him you think he didn’t do nothing wrong with you the son of a b**** did nothing but wrong he’s the one that stole her identity he’s the one that stole her laptop he’s the one that took all the pictures off of there he told her they be private pictures nobody would ever see him so she let him do what he wanted take all the pictures he wanted she wanted to be whatever her boyfriend wanted he promised marriage and then backed out because he had other women on the side so he turned around and back stabbed her when she turned around and left he stole the laptop downloaded all the pictures and sent them all over the web so but you guys ain’t going to go after him are you you’re going to downgrade her you put her picture out there and said she’s the scammer when she didn’t scam anyone I wish you people would do your own homework and check into the stuff I investigated her and found out he was a victim in all this there’s lots of police reports on it why don’t you go to the police and they find out every one of those pictures were stolen if you look ink investigated you will find pictures with the police stamps on them saying that this picture was stolen and is used in spy scammers it was not heard that scam do it ain’t even her name that they’re using they stole the picture they stole the name they’re making money off of you people I checked into people I’m hanging out with why can’t you do the same it doesn’t cost much to get verified can we do the inspections for you you can get ahold years on it and not paid that much so please investigate the people you are hanging out with you can’t trust nobody out there anymore you can’t even trust me I don’t know I might not be a trustworthy person but I do not lie I was brought up in a Christian family you do not lie I swear to God this girl did nothing wrong she is nothing but a good girl who thought she was in love with an older man who turned around and back stabbed her he does not plan on getting married he’s going to do this to other women and that’s going to be there problem too because you people will see her on a picture and she’s going to be blamed that she’s the one that’s doing the scam and it ain’t going to be her either check her out check it out if you people don’t know who you’re talkin to and you cannot get a video What you talkin to that person then don’t talk to them at all don’t trust them if that’s the way you want to be but if you do get scanned you go to the police you let him know that you got scammed file a police report and let them investigate it and it ain’t the person behind the picture so people watch what you’re doing so you don’t get scammed cuz a lot of people out there are getting scammed a lot of them think it’s these girls and it ain’t them0

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