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Bev Stone - Probably Stolen Photo

Bev Stone – Probably Stolen Photo – This is a 32 year old?

This scammer just can’t get it right!

Ta da, drum roll please….

Beverly Stone
Bev Stone

[Yep, You Guessed It: Ghana]

Notice the “in.com” – that’s an Indian email address!

Bev Stone’s Profile Details:


Need Love
Scammer:  Beverly "Bev" Stone  stonebeverly@in.com 1
Country:United States
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Height:5 ft. 9 in.
Body Type:Slim/slender
Hair Color:Dark blonde hair
Eye Color:Blue
Religion:Christian – Other
Astrological sign:Pisces
Level of Education:Some college
Income:$50k to $75k
Smoking:Non-smoker & don’t mind smokers
Drinking:Don’t Drink
Relationship Status:Never Married
Have Children:No
Want Children:Yes
Looking to meet a:Male Age: 30 to 50
Relationship Desired:I’ll tell you later
Last Visit:Today

The devil is always in the details.  Blonde & Blue Eyes – look at the photo!  Is that the photo of a 32 year old?   Also, not a college grad and making that kind of money?

Her Profile Description:

My name is beverly, I am a simple girl who likes having a good time with friends and meeting new people. I am into cocooning, I don’t go out much but I enjoy evenings at home with friends, as long as I am the bartender :) I love traveling, design and photography. I also watch a ton of movies, especially foreign ones. I love answering my emails, so thank you for writing me :) My type of man: I like funny guys, jokers! Someone who appreciate me for small things like the way I dress my hair or simply my smile. Someone who makes me feel special and live everyday powerfully

Her Opening Message:


I just wanted to stop in and wish you wonderful week
ahead! You are not actually a friend of mine yet…But,
there is always hope. I would love it, if that would
actually be possible with you? What do you think? I
would make the effort if you could as well. You have a
captivating smile, are absolutely Handsome and I really
would love to get to know you better.
I enjoy the simple things in life and I am very easy
going. I have no issues, hang-ups or drama (I’m
extremely laid back and easy going, the
NON-argumentative type!).
As for you…What do you like to do in your free time
and what is a typical weekend like for you? How did you
spend your last birthday?
Again, you are absolutely Handsome!!! This is just the
icebergs tip as there is so much more to know… I hope
to hear back from you soon.

email me and tell me more about you



This one was very well written, but notice the Indian email address.  But also the line breaks show it was a copy and paste, so this is being used over and over again – dead give-away of a scammer!

Her Follow On Email:

From: Beverly Stone [mailto:stonebeverly@in.com]
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 12:22 PM
Subject: More About me

Im Happy to Read from you,Well here are some things about me I’m 27 years old, Single and l,I
want you to ((SMILE))!, Anyway i’m half Nigerian and Half American, i
was born and raised in Los angeles, California,
Mom’s Nigerian and my Dad is American, But he passed away a very long
time ago, I miss him so much, you know we used to go hunting together,
we had so much fun((TEARS)), My Mom met my dad when she came to the
states on Vacation, I have a Nigerian accent cos mom always spoke her
Nigerian Language to me, And i got my skinned color from her, She very
beautiful, Well mom and dad had a big fight some years back and it made
my Mom leave to her home country Nigeria, She never came back but
always sent me letter and in it she says to tell dad she loves him, Dad
always missed her, but he wont let anyone know he misses her, Some
years passed by and dad passed a ways in an auto accident, he was drunk
while driving, i’m pretty sure he was trying to drink his thoughts
away, after his Death, his family sold out his House and never thought
about me, I had no place to Live in, So i had to get an apartment for
myself with the money dad left for me in his account, a month ago i got
a call from Nigeria saying my mom is ill, She has Breast Cancer,
Well i had to rush down to Nigeria to be with her, and thats where i am
now, With my beautiful Mom here in Nigeria, Wow! its so hot hear in
Nigeria, So have you ever been to Nigeria before? I’ll have to wait
here In Nigeria till mom gets all better, I cant leave her now cos i’m
all shes got, i pray she recovers pretty soon so i can come back to the
states and meet you in person, I just cant stop talking to mom about
you, You’re one Handsome man,
Anyway its dinner time and i have to go see what i can get for mom at
the grocery store, and when i get back i’ll go check her In the
hospital, I’ll talk to you later….hope to read from you soon
Beverly Cares 

Well, that’s one big bunch of “Scammer Grammar”.  The parent always dies, she gets almost nothing.  Of course since they are scammers in Africa, they know nothing of the legal process in the U.S.  She is also setting the stage for the money request for her Cancerous Mother.  Also, her IP address originates in Ghana, not Nigeria.

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