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Step 4

You are entirely ready to remove all your defects of character that lead you to this place.

You have to admit that you are ready to take away the moral shortcomings or personality defects that you identified in the previous Step. This simply involves your willingness to change yourself.

Are you fully prepared to rid yourself of your flaws that you listed? If so, this reveals your character and your true willingness to get better and become stronger.

What Do You Need To Do?

You have to be willing to work with your higher power, family, and friends to change and remove your defects. You have to acknowledge that ridding yourself of your needs and fears, and other defects is a lifelong project. Stop pursuing whatever your idea of perfection is, and accept who you are. You will never be happy if you aim for such an ideal.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t conquer all your defects immediately or even over a longer period of time. You are a work in progress, this is going to take time. You will stumble and pick yourself back up more than once. Be happy about your success in making it this far and celebrate each little victory in your life. Keep an open mind and a positive emotional attitude throughout your journey to becoming better and stronger.

Learn to practice humility and put character-building ahead of comfort. Make honesty, tolerance, and true love your daily basis of living. You have to accept that humility is necessary to achieve a better and more fulfilled life. You have to change your perspective from a self-centered needy fearful one to a humble content one. You must accept who and what you are, and your new reality also.

What do we mean by Humility? You can’t see your shortcomings without stripping yourself of your ego, fear, and pride. This will be your unfiltered look into yourself that allows you to develop a humble attitude and correct your defects. Humility isn’t really necessary for recovery, but the lack of it may have brought you here, and working on it will bring more joy to your life.

It’s important to let yourself feel the pain that you masked with the romance and the scam. It is a necessity that you will yourself to step toward recovery and spiritual well-being. Be patient, after all, you can’t change your life overnight.

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