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The SCARS Steps™ of Scam Recovery

Introduction & Preparation

Before you begin, you will need to prepare yourself. This is a self-help program with the need for group support.

That means that you will be going through the SCARS Steps yourself. You will need to be prepared to be honest with yourself, set aside your denial & anger, and explore hard truths.

This will not be easy. If you sincerely follow the SCARS Steps you will have to admit your actions, defects, and make changes for yourself and for others.

However, as has been shown for nearly a century with similar programs, if you dedicate yourself to the program honestly, you can find a path to recovery.

We also strongly suggest that you join our Anti-Scam Survivor Support Group on Facebook here »  If you are not able to use Facebook, you must find someone that you can talk about this with. There are support groups all around the world. One way to find support groups near you, call your nearest major hospital and ask them about Support Groups they organize or sponsor. But find someone that you can talk to about this, you cannot do this by yourself alone without anyone to support you.

Admitting the truth about yourself and exploring your pain, feelings, and shame are not simple things, yet you can do this.

Take each step one by one

Do not even bother to read the next steps. Work on them one Step at a time.

When you complete one Step and you feel you are ready, then go to the next Step. Before you know it, you will be all the way through them.

Just remember. Your scammer has hurt you badly, maybe more than you realize. It will take time to heal, and even when you have healed there will be scars. Who you are now, is different than before the scam, and after you heal you will be different then you are now. This is a process that will take some time to recover. Even after that, this is something you will need to work on for a long time.

Your only two goals should be to recover, and correct yourself so you can be happy and never be a victim again. However, this is a program to help you recover, our support group will help you learn to avoid scams now and in the future.


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