We have added new blocking technology to our website!

We now block all of Africa & Philippines

We don’t want to train them to be better scammers after all!

Please leave us a comment if it blocks anything else!

In just first 7 days of blocking Africa, we have blocked this many Dating Scammers!

Country (Scammer Location)

# Of Blocked Scammers

Nigeria (Western Africa) 113
Ghana (Western Africa) 112
Philippines (Asia) 101
Iran (Middle East) 51
Indonesia (Asia) 26
Benin (Western Africa) 14
Algeria (Northern Africa) 12
Cote D’Ivoire (Western Africa) 10
Anonymous Proxy 6
Kenya (Central Africa) 5
Senegal (Western Africa) 4
Iraq (Middle East) 2
Ethiopia (Northern Africa) 2
Yemen (Middle East) 2

Obviously, we and other Anti-spammer sites were sharing too much information with the bad guys.  Fortunately, we finally found how to completely block those parts of the world!

We will continue to share the stats as time goes by!

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