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SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Puerto Rico !

Wilfredo Ramírez Quiñones Was Arrested By The Police In Puerto Rico On Thursday After Scamming Dates He Met On BADOO, An Online Dating Site

The man, 35, ‘duped women he met online by pretending his father died in the Twin Towers on 9/11 and promising he would take them on lavish trips with the $5.5M he got from a government settlement – if they paid part up front’

The 35-Year-Old Man Presented Himself As An Ex-Military Member Whose Father Died In The September 11 Attack At The Twin Towers

As part of his sob story, he told the women he received a $5.5million settlement from the lawsuit stemming from the attacks.

The suspect conned multiple women out of an undetermined sum of money.

He also schemed women that he met by telling them about access to tickets for cruises and that they only needed to pay the taxes up front.

His downfall came October 29, 2018 when he duped a date out of $4,000 and promise to pay her and her stepdad

Quiñones was charged with illicit appropriation and fraud. He is being held on an $1million bail bond.

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