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SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: People Are Renting Out Their

People Are Renting Out Their Accounts In Exchange For Cash And Free Laptops


PSA: This is a security and privacy nightmare that will get your Facebook account banned.

Shady internet marketers who’ve been banned from advertising on Facebook have come up with a way to keep running campaigns on the platform: paying people to “rent” their Facebook accounts.

The rental economy for Facebook accounts is yet another example of how people attempt to exploit the platform’s ad system in order to avoid bans and conceal who is really behind a campaign. With a rented account, a person can create a new page and quickly begin running ads. And even if Facebook eventually blocks those ads and bans the account, an ad launderer can move to another rented account and start over — without Facebook or anyone else know who they are.

BTW: Yes, This Is A Crime – Conspiracy to Defraud

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