How To Defeat Romance Scammers?


Scammers must, by definition, troll thousands of potential victims to find the one or two they can turn into willing victims.  But to make money they need to take time with their victims, so the more you can occupy them the more time they lose – the less time, the less time they have for their real victims.  So the idea is to employ multiple people to attack or occupy them and burn up their time.

Of course this can also be fun and therapeutic.  If you have been victimized, the best way to get over it is to get even!  Harass them to death!

Also remember, that scamming isn’t free for them.  They have to pay for the resources they use.  The more time they burn, the more it costs them.

But remember, never confront them as a scammer.  Keep them guessing, keep them going.  As tempting as it is to tell them you know, don’t.  It just helps them perfect their scam-craft.

Here is a perfect example video:

Here is a target list:

Step 1: Create a dummy email on or (just to keep your real email address safe).

Step 2: Send an email to all of the following that you had been chatting with them a while ago, but lost touch – dated someone else – were traveling – etc.  Ask them if they are still interested, ask them for photos, and details, including their phone number.

Step 3: Wait for a reply, then start to engage them.  Tell them stories, tell them lies, have fun, make it a sport!  Keep them going.  Send them love poems.  Copy and paste all kinds of crap about dating and romance, money and investments (they love investments).  Try to get them caught up in “Insider Trading” information.

Things you want to get from them (and please share with us!):

  • Phone Number 
  • Physical address (tell them you want to send them a present)
  • Legal name – tell them you want to send a small amount of money through Western Union – when you are ready, give them a fake MTCN NUMBER for Western Union – this forces them to spend hours at their local Western Union branch trying to find it.
  • Ask for photos of family members
  • Ask for a “Sign Photo” just so they waste time faking one
  • Ask for photos of their house and car
  • Ask for photos where they work or connect to the internet, or of their computer

Remember, the idea is to waste their time, and for you to have some fun!

Follow Up To The Above Video:

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