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Unfortunately, Too Many Westerners Are Stupid

We are always surprised that these stupid scams work, but sadly they do.

Here is their latest money scam:

The way it works is they ask for your catalog of products that your company makes or sells.  Then they place and order for these products, that you will ship to Ghana.  They pay for the order with a bogus cashier’s check or other instrument, and you ship the order through their forwarding company – usually shipping to a U.S. or U.K. address.  The you find out it was all a scam when the check “bounces”.  The victim is out a sizeable about of money in product, plus the bank fees, and there is no recourse, because the shipping address claims they are just the forwarder.  It’s simple and perfect, if you fall for it.


Here is their solicitation email:


Attention Sir/Madam,

In line with the BETTER GHANA AGENDA as inaugurated by the Presidency, The GHANA PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AUTHORITY (GPPA) has Published their official 2014/2015 Annual Projects,many Items/Products are needed for Purchase/Supply in a Large quantity to the procuring Authority for the Rural and Urban Development.

Send your Product list,Catalog,Company Website,specifications,Model numbers, Serial numbers and method of packaging through email attachment so that I will Visit the Office of the contract procurement service for a confirmation and give you full details of this tender including quantity, terms of Payment and Shipment Destination.
I am a commission Agent.
Reply directly to my Email :(

Thank You
Dr.Emmanuel Annan
CEO Emanalink Resources Ghana Ltd
#25 Kwame Nkruma Avenue
Tel:+233-548-282 133

Make sure that you tell anyone who will listen about these scams and that they are everywhere!  Also tell you children about scams, you would be surprised how many children willingly give out their parents credit card numbers now!

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