Social Media Works Against Us

You Can Still Be Scammed! Over And Over!

You Can Still Be Scammed! Over And Over! A SCARS Insight You Say You Can't Be Scammed Again? We Bet That You Can! For decades we have been warning about scams of one nature or another, but what most scams have in common is Social Engineering! For Most Of You Who Have Been Romance Scammed You Sware It Will Never Happen Again, Right? WANT TO BET? It Takes More [...]

Facebook Verified? [Updated]

Facebook Verified? Not What It Used To Be! Facebook Verified Profiles, Pages, Groups? What does this even mean? Facebook provides various ways the profile and page owners can be verified for the confidence of Facebook visitors. Unfortunately, some are rock solid and others types of verifications have serious flaws. The first thing to always remember about Facebook is that it is run by human beings, and many are [...]

SCARS Quits Twitter

SCARS Quits Twitter After many years, Twitter is simply not a place for us to be! This is actually better since our followers will have to follow us here now! We Have Had Enough We are a constant champion for online scam victims and are vocal about the roles played by social media and the victimization of their users - we are frequently the recipient of their retaliation. [...]