Female Scams & Scammers™

//Female Scams & Scammers™

RSN™ Fake Female Identity – Example Scammer Profile In Use: Maureen Jones

RSN™ Fake Female Identity - Example Scammer Profile In Use: Maureen Jones Maureen Jone - loveyourhear - stolen photo of Briana Lee And the wheel goes round ... This One Doesn't Seem To Even Know What She Looks Like! Blonde & Blue Eyes! Scammer: Maureen Jones loveyourhear [email protected] Scammer's Details: Seeking my dream man Age: 34 Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual Country: United States Location: Greenville, KY Height: 5 ft. 6 in. Body Type: Average Ethnicity: [...]

RSN™ Fake Female Identity – Example Scammer Profile In Use : Malaysian Scammer – Elizabeth Hershey [email protected]

RSN™ Fake Female Identity - Example Scammer Profile In Use One From Malaysia This Time! They are all over the planet folks!  Don't think you are safe just because they are from Asia. Elizabeth Hershey [email protected] IP: SERVER: COUNTRY:Malaysia Elizabeth's Dating Profile Details: elizabethhershey37 at ya who dot come. Age: 40 Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual Country: United States Location: Los Angeles, CA Height: 5 ft. 7 in. Body Type: Athletic Ethnicity: White / Caucasian Hair Color: [...]

Scammer: Val VALENTINO AGUSTIN [email protected] Nigeria

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Hawaiian Doll Val Scammer From Hawaii? This is not your traditional kind of scammer, this one is looking for a Sugar-Daddy.  Loads of promises, but no delivery.  But in the end, another Nigerian Scammer: Val / Valentino VALENTINO AGUSTIN Hawaii (Actually Nigeria) [email protected] from Nigeria: IP Address: WARNING:  Nigerians are not stupid like [...]

Scammer: Lara Ibukun [email protected] (720) 722-4057

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Lara Ibukun [email protected] – image probably stolen Here we go again. Lara Ibukun [email protected] (720) 722-4057 […]

Scammer: Cool Hanna Johnson [email protected]

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Cool Hanna Johnson [email protected] – probably stolen image Yet another Ghana Scammer They just will never get what it is that they say that stands out so much.  Shhh, don’t tell them! Cool Hanna Hanna Johnson [email protected] […]

Scammer: Lacy Cassay from Iran [email protected]

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Lacy Cassay – From Iran – Image Stolen – Warning Very Dangerous This One Is Very Dangerous A Scammer from Iran is nothing to treat lightly, since Al Qaeda is know to have been involved in the Nigerian Scams for a long time. Lacy [email protected] Origin IP Address: [Iran] […]

Scammer: Weetola/Tola [email protected] from Nigeria

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Weetola – Probably Stolen Photo Well, She’s Kind Hear Ted! Yet another in the endless list…The Nigerians Are Back! Tola – Weetola [email protected] Origin IP Address:   [Good Ole Nigeria] […]

More Happy Female Romance Scammers – SCARS|RSN™ Scammer Gallery #13494

SCARS|RSN™ Scammer Gallery: More Happy Female Romance Scammers #13494 We present a selection of Dating Scammers Back From 2013 Still Using These Same Photos! Remember these photos were stolen from real people! Updated May 2018   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tell us about your experiences with Romance Scammers in our Scams Discussion Forum on Facebook » - - - - - - [...]

Scammer: Jennifer Denny [email protected]

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They have favorite names too! They love Sandra or Sandy, Jenny or Jennifer, and many others! So here is our next contestant: Jennifer Denny [email protected] […]

Scammer: Sandy / Sandra [email protected]

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Sandy / Sandra [email protected] – probably stolen image We all get so tired of being made a fool! Yet another scammer: Sandy [email protected] […]

Scammer: Shan William

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Shan William – photo most likely stolen from someone else Yep, here’s another one. Notice the last name “William” – guess where this is common and where it’s not?  You got it! shanwilliam Shan William […]

Scammer: Hannah Clayton [email protected] (843) 603-4799

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They Even Have Phone Numbers Now? These are mostly TEXT services.  Call the numbers and see. She Is: Hannah Clayton [email protected] (843) 603-4799 She also gave out a  phone number, which is unusual, but what woman gives out her phone number to a total stranger on-line! Who does that? […]

Scammer: Kathy Allah / Kathy Dallas 682-238-0204 [email protected]

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Kathy Allah / Kathy Dallas 682-238-0204 [email protected] (UK email) images probably stolen God help us if we are this dumb! Introducing: Kathy Allah Kathy Dallas [email protected] 682-238-0204   […]

Scammer: Laura [email protected]

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Laura [email protected] Another, Guess What? In an ironic sense, this website seems to be teaching them better skills, but don’t worry, they can’t help themselves. [Update, we now block all of Central Africa] This one is: [email protected]   […]

Scammer: Sandra or Selina [email protected]

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Sandra or Selina? Stolen from a real person, note license plate is for wrong state. Like The Tide That Never Stops The Ghanan Scammer Parade Never Ends Another Ghana Scammer: Sandra or Selina [email protected] […]

Scammer: whomtocare01?

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whomtocare01 – unknown – probably stole images from a real person A Scam A Day Keeps Romance Away It must be heartbreaking, if these are the only people you ever hear from. I guess there are some dating sites that need to traffic and the profiles so much, that they depend on the [...]

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