Emergency / Crisis / Disaster Scams

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Don’t Fall For Grandparent Scams [Video]

Don't Fall For Grandparent Scams A Type Of Phone Scam That Plays On Your Love For Your Family! They grab you by the heart and won't let go! Don't Open Your Door To Grandparent Scams When it comes to scammers, nothing is sacred — including the bond between grandparent and grandchild. Lately, grandparent scammers have gotten bolder: they might even come to your door [...]

After Storms, Watch Out for Scams

After Storms, Watch Out for Scams Scammers Watch The Weather Channel Too! After every natural disaster or major weather event, the scammers will be on the phones, email, and online to get your money! Scammers Have No Conscience When It Comes To Natural Disaster Scams If You Are In An Affected Region, Or Even Not, You Will Start Getting The Money Requests! Natural disasters and severe weather can [...]

An Example of How Scammers Use Emergency Scams

An Example of How Scammers Use Emergency Scams Scammers employ an emergency is the trigger to get you to send money! They can begin as small emergencies, such as needing a phone card or other small item - this is part of the manipulation. But it progresses to larger and larger amounts of money. The Emergency Scam Is The Most Common Scammers use the emergency scam approach, with [...]