SCARS|RSN™ Editorial & Commentary

//SCARS|RSN™ Editorial & Commentary

SCARS™ Opinion: Frustration

SCARS™ Opinion: Frustration So Many Of You Express Frustration With The Way Things Are Don't Take This As An Attack On You But Consider ... Is it frustrating that you can buy alcohol that causes deaths every day? Or cigarettes? We all know the cigarettes kill right? Want to know a secret? There are more smokers today than ever - worldwide that is. Why? Because cigarettes are a drug. People want that drug. [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Defamatory Attack On SCARS

SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Defamatory Attack On SCARS Every So Often A Fake Anti-Scam Group, Which Is Really Just Someone Hiding In Their Kitchen Decides That Are Going To Attack Our Organization This is called the "Tall Poppy Syndrome" (as the Australians say) In typical fashion another pretender fake amateur anti-scam Facebook page has gone after the SCARS Chairman directly in an attempt to aggrandize themselves.. We will not mention them by name, suffice to say they [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Stop Just Reading Headlines

SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Stop Just Reading Headlines How Many Of You Just Read The Post Headline? The Answer Is Most Of You! Not all to be sure. Many of you are interested in the substance of what is happening, but the majority of victims are looking for instant gratification that comes from stories of scammer arrests, or other actions to help you re-establish control in your life. So many victims just want [...]


SCARS|RSN™ EDITORIAL: POWER & EVIL Today is May Day A day to celebrate workers around the world, but also the international call for help! MAYDAY! Just remember this ... Scammers seek only one thing. It is not money, it is not sex. It is not expensive cars or jewelry. It is not property or wealth - those are just incidentals. IT IS POWER. SCAMMERS SEEK POWER! Power over their situation. Power over other people (victims). [...]

Amateur Facebook Anti-Scammers – SCARS|RSN™ Editorial

SCARS|RSN™ Editorial: Amateur Facebook Anti-Scammers WARNING: SO-CALLED REPORT SCAMMER PAGES/GROUPS ON FACEBOOK   It Seems Like ... It seems like every minute someone creates another Facebook page or starts a group on Facebook about scammers. At least 5 were created just this morning! They all claim to be instant experts. Many claim that THEY are the place to report scams. Some even claim they offer mental health services such as Counseling that REQUIRE [...]


SCARS|RSN™ SCAM VICTIM WARNING Official SCARS Statement Scam victims are being contacted on Facebook by someone from an amateur pretender one man anti-scam group to get victims to leave their support and recovery programs to join his. He is engaged in a campaign of defamation against our organization and others. Please be careful about who you believe out there. Some anti-scammers are so full of rage and hate that anyone not with them is an [...]

The New Order On The Internet & Product Safety – SCARS|RSN™ Safety

SCARS|RSN™ Safety: The New Order On The Internet & Product Safety We Have To Change Our Attitudes And Behaviors In The Beginning In the days of AmericaOnline, Compuserve, Prodigy, and even the early days of the web in the 90s, it was all about exploring the amazing world online. You would reach out to complete strangers and develop incredible connections, making friends in the farthest corners of the globe. But Those Days Are [...]

Thanks For Recommending SCARS|RSN

Thank You For The Recommendation Dr. Diana Kirschner We would like to thank Dr. Diana Kirschner for recommending as a source of information and support about scams and scammers.  We provide knowledge and support for scam victims worldwide. Helping victims since 1991! We encourage you to review her book here:       SCARS|RSN™ Team A SCARS Division Miami Florida U.S.A.   TAGS: Dr. Diana Kirschner, Boook, Love In 90 Days, How To Guide [...]

Leave Other Victims Alone! – SCARS|RSN™ Commentary

SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Leave Other Victims Alone! We Mean Impersonation Victims - The Face In The Stolen Photo! IT IS SAD THAT WE HAVE TO KEEP SAYING THIS OVER AND OVER DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THE REAL PERSON IN THE STOLEN PHOTO WARNING: This is going to be blunt, because this is the only way to reach some victims - this does not apply to most romance scam victims. Invading The Privacy Of Impersonation Victims [...]

My Truth – A SCARS|RSN™ Guest Editorial By Clair St. Jennifer

A SCARS|RSN™ Guest Editorial By Clair St Jennifer The following is a Guest Editorial by Clair St Jennifer - a Scam Survivor and Member of SCARS|RSN Support Groups. Clair plays a role in helping scam victims to recover and educating them to avoid scams in the future. My Truth I want to take the time to talk to people that have been the victim of a romance scam about future relationships. When you were being [...]

SCARS Advocacy – Meeting With Saudi Arabian Police

SCARS|RSN™ Advocacy Report: Saudi Arabia 2019 On March 27th 2019, an event was held by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabi. This was to kick off their 2030 National Transformation Plan » for modernization. This was attended by our Chairman and one of our Board Members. Ministry of Culture Website » The first event was met with major fanfare (here is one of their press releases » the event [...]

Start Fighting Back Smart – SCARS|RSN™ TAKE ACTION

SCARS|RSN™ TAKE ACTION: Start Fighting Back Smart Do You Really Want To Do Something? Call The Nigerian Ambassador! Why not share what you really really think with them? In The United States: (202) 986-8400 (770) 394-6261 (212) 808-0301 You can find the phone numbers for other Nigerian Embassies on Google! You can call 24/7/365! No need to wait. Tell them what you think of their country! Choke their phone lines and flood their voice mail! Call [...]

Risk To Victims Is Increasing – SCARS|RSN™ Commentary

SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Risk To Victims Is Increasing Victims Are Ever More At Risk Of Prosecution And Litigation Over Their Silence And Failure To Report Their Scams IMPORTANT CHANGES IN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR VICTIMS You may not have known it but more and more victims are being held accountable for the scams they are engaged in. This almost always applies to those that DO NOT REPORT scams but are discovered as [...]

Reporting Scams Is Everyone’s Duty – SCARS|RSN™ Editorial

SCARS|RSN™ Editorial: Reporting Scams Is Everyone's Duty Reporting Scams Saves Lives Reporting scams and scammers is more than a duty we all share, it is also how we help other victims avoid scams or escape from scams they are already in. Sadly, most victims will never report their scams out of fear or anger, but it is essential that the world knows! That was the reason by SCARS and its partners invested in the creation [...]

Scambaiting – The Great Lie! – SCARS|RSN™ Special Report

SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: Scambaiting - The Great Lie! Scambaiting Is The Use Of Deception By Vigilantes Thinking They Are Preventing Scams - It is Just Another Scam In this article, we will expose the great lie that is being sold to countless scam victims by individuals that self-justify their own online deception. A great lie that both interferes with active investigations and arrests, but more importantly does real harm to scam victims themselves. Here is [...]

Why Report Scams? – SCARS|RSN™ Quick Commentary

SCARS|RSN™ Quick Commentary: Why Report Scams? WHY REPORT SCAMS? No one does anything and no one cares, right? WRONG! There are two Reasons for Reporting these crimes: So authorities know the true scope To relieve that burden from your soul! Reporting is important because only about 5% of scam victims report scams. That is why governments around the world are just waking up to these crimes - because even 5% now is a huge number. Imagine [...]

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