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A German Romance Scams Victim Speaks – SCARS|RSN™ A Victim’s Story

SCARS|RSN™ Victim's Story: A German Romance Scams Victim Speaks From the Ghanaian blog: YEN.com.gh It All Started When The German Woman (Name Withheld) Met The Ghanaian Man (Scammer) Of Her Dreams On A Singles Dating Platform The two apparently clicked because according to the German victim, it was not long before the Ghanaian started speaking of love. While the online affair was still brewing, the Ghanaian man asked if he could get financial help because his [...]

SCARS|RSN™ Scam News: Four Liberians & 30 Koreans Arrested For Online Romance Scam US$1.15 million

SCARS|RSN™ Scam News: Four Liberians & 30 Koreans Arrested For Online Romance Scam Four Liberians Arrested For Defrauding Koreans In Online Romance Scam Another Cartel Shut Down! SEOUL, Dec. 11 (Yonhap) -- South Korean police have arrested four Liberians for defrauding more than 30 South Koreans of nearly 1.3 billion won (US$1.15 million) after posing as American military officers, officials said Tuesday. South Korean Police Have Arrested Four Liberians For Defrauding More Than 30 South [...]

RSN™ Guide: The Macau Scam

RSN™ Guide: The Macau Scam What Is A Macau Scam? The Malaysian “Macau Scam” is a variation of the Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud. It basically is a phone scam or email scam that works to get a victim to pay money up front to receive a prize. It gets its name because it is usually a prize from a Macau or Hong Kong company. This is mostly performed in Malaysia and Singapore but is [...]

North Korean Scammers

RSN ANTI-SCAM ALERT - PLEASE READ THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF SCAMS - NORTH KOREA Last week the largest cyber attack in history took place, and if you saw our post, we were the first in the world to identify the source as North Korea (look for our post https://business.facebook.com/onlineromancefraud/posts/1362964483790751:0). HOWEVER Now it has become clear that North Korea is actively involved in online scamming too! The North Koreans have been watching and learning what the [...]

RSN™ Guide: Asian Dating Scams

Asian Dating Scams A Quick Guide To Spotting Asian Romance Scammers Chinese ladies are very beautiful, and there are many success stories of marriages between Western men and Chinese women. However, finding the Chinese girl of your dreams can be a long and hard process, especially if you go down the online dating route. There are large numbers of Chinese ladies on most Asian dating sites, but sorting the decent ones from the dishonest ones [...]

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