Victim Fear & Phobias

Resilience, Recovery And Romance Scam Victims

Resilience, Recovery, And Romance Scam Victims Psychology of Scams A SCARS Insight "Resilience" Is The Capacity To Recover Quickly From Difficulties; A Mental Toughness Psychological Resilience Is The Ability To Mentally Or Emotionally Cope With A Crisis Or To Return To Pre-Crisis Status Quickly Resilience exists when the person uses "mental processes and behaviors in promoting personal assets and protecting self from the potential negative effects of stressors". In [...]

Psychological Shock – After A Scam & In The Future

Psychological Shock - After A Scam & In The Future The Psychology of Scams By SCARS How To Deal With Unexpected Traumatic Events Psychological shock is when you experience a surge of strong emotions and a corresponding physical reaction, in response to a (typically unexpected) stressful or traumatic event. It can be from a number of traumatic events, going through a breakup, experiencing the death of a loved [...]

Scam Victims & Traumatic Memories

Scam Victims & Traumatic Memories Traumatic memories are intensely powerful and come in two varieties The Impact On Scam Victims From Their Traumatic Memories Memories of trauma are unique because of how brains and bodies respond to threat Most of what you experience leaves no trace in your memory. Learning new information often requires a lot of effort and repetition — picture studying for a tough exam or mastering the [...]