Shame & Self Abuse

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Guilt vs. Shame – Understanding [INFOGRAPHIC]

Guilt vs. Shame - Understanding Shame has long been viewed as “the toxic cousin of guilt,” but it has benefited us over evolution. Shame and guilt are functionally designed to protect us against harming those who are dear to us and to make us behave better in the future Understanding The Mechanisms of Guilt & Shame Guilt And Shame Are Among The Most Painful Human Emotions No one [...]

Psychology of Scams: When Panic Sets In

Psychology of Scams: When Panic Sets In You just found out about your scam, what happens next can lead to panic! After a Scam Stability Can Be a Rubberband! After the scam, a typical victim is in shock, but denial quickly sets in. But if it is not brought under control then panic can be the result! Everyone understands grief, but scam victims are frequently in shock after [...]