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FAKE NEWS: Nigeria’s EFCC Will Pay Bounty On Yahoo Boys!

Nigeria's EFCC Will Pay Million Bounty On Yahoo Boys! Fake News / Urban Legend! Sorry, it is NOT True - a SCARS Insight FAKE NEWS: For The First Time, Nigerian Declares All Our War Against Yahoo Boy Scammers! The Nigerians Are Not Willing To Make Informants Millionaires If They Identify Online Scammers Or Fraudsters! Of course, this is just another Nigerian Urban Legend! According to SCARS sources in [...]

Urban Legends: The Lone Scammer [UPDATED]

Urban Legends: Single Scammer [UPDATED] In Today's World Scammers Work In Teams! A typical scammer team can be from 3 to 18, sometimes much more The Lone Scammer - Almost No Such Thing Online Scamming Has Changed A Lot Over The Decades That It Has Existed Originally published December 2017, Updated February 2021 Online scamming started with the old Compuserve and America Online, and then other services of [...]

URBAN LEGENDS: Why Scammers Ask For Photos?

URBAN LEGENDS: Why Scammers Ask For Photos? Why are Scammers so aggressive about asking for a victim's photos? It is not what amateur groups tell you! This is all about the Psychology of Persuasion Establishing a pattern of YES before pushing for the CLOSE! Something that every good salesperson knows, is getting your "prospect" to say yes and act over and over before you go for the close! [...]