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Thoughts from the War on Scams … Things Have to Change

Thoughts from the War on Scams ... July 17, 2021 Things Have to Change! A SCARS Commentary on Privacy A Commentary on The State of Scams & Privacy By Dr. Tim McGuinness, Member of the Board of Directors, Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. I recently heard from a friend who was applying for a new position and was declined because of #data that was discovered - [...]

How The World Changed For Scam Victims With The Pandemic Effect

How The World Changed With The Pandemic For Scam Victims It Was A Total Change! A SCARS Commentary Here We Are, A Year & A Half Since The Pandemic Started ... Everyone Seems So Different Now! Apart from the obvious impacts from COVID-19 itself, the shutdowns and constant fear have had a significant and lasting impact on us all. But for scam victims, it seems it is especially [...]

Save Victims’ Support Funding In The United States – #VOCAfix – URGENT ACTION NEEDED – Part 1

Save Victims' Support Funding In The United States - #VOCAfix Help Save U.S. Government Crime Victims' Support Funding Now! ACT ON JULY 14TH BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE A SCARS Victims' Assistance Activism Campaign Cuts Made By The U.S. Federal Government Are Crippling Victims' Services The cuts that the U.S. Government has made to VOCA Crime Victims' Fund will reduce trauma counseling and victims' compensation funds that give [...]