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Bad Photoshopped Stolen Photos – A SCARS Achives Gallery

Fake Photoshopped Scammer Photos A SCARS Archives Gallery - Originally Published 2019 Stolen Photos Appear In Billions Of Fake Profiles On Social Media And Dating Websites It is impossible to catalog all of them, but you can see many more on www.ScamsOnline.org - a separate SCARS website dedicated to displaying stolen photos and real scammer's photos we have found Bad Photoshopped Stolen Photos These are All Stolen Identities [...]

Scammer Website Steals From Us!

Scammer Website Steals From SCARS! ScammersOff & Affiliated Websites Are Suspected To Be Run By Scammers As Well A SCARS Statement STATEMENT FROM SCARS SCARS  spends vast amounts of time and energy to create reliable and authoritative information for scam victims and those looking to avoid scams. This comes at considerable cost in time and labor. Our original content is SCARS copyright, and all third-party content is copyright [...]

Example Scammer Profile: Linda Elloy lindaelloy@yahoo.com Nigerian in Hollywood Florida

Linda Elloy lindaelloy@yahoo.com Nigerian in Hollywood Florida An Example Scammer Profile SCARS Legacy Archives Some Scams Go In Different Directions Here is an Example of a Romance Scams but based around "Her" Business This Romance Scammer Is: Linda Elloy (a.k.a. Linda KKL) lindaelloy@yahoo.com Birthdate: January 30 1977 (37 years old)  [on other sites she says it is 12-Apr-1977] 2854 STIRLING ROAD , STE O, Hollywood, FL 33020  (actually [...]