For New Victims

SCARS 3 Steps For New Scam Victims

New Victims Please Read This: SCARS 3 Steps™ You Have Been Scammed - Now What? This Is A Very Confusing Time For You Your scam has just ended and you will be in shock, confusion, fear, and anger. You will be unsure about what to do now. We have helped millions of scam victims, and we know that it comes down to THREE (3) BASIC STEPS. [...]

Coping with the Reality of Crime Victimization

Coping with the Reality of Crime Victimization Scam Victim Recovery A SCARS Insight Anyone Can Become A Victim Of A Crime! Being A Victim Of A Crime Can Be A Very Difficult And Stressful Experience! If It Happens To You Or Someone You Love, Here Are Some Important Points To Remember: While most people are naturally resilient and over time will find ways to cope and adjust, there can be [...]

Money Recovery & Investigative Scams Target Scam Victims [Updated]

Money Recovery Scams [Updated] Money Recovery & Investigative Scams Target Scam Victims A SCARS Insight Another Type Of Scam That Promises To Investigate & Recover Your Money Originally Published February 11, 2016 Updated August 14, 2021 After your scam, you are desperate to get your money back! But you have heard and been told that it is impossible! Money sent to scammers is lost and can never be [...]

SCARS Publishes New GREEN BOOK Self-Help Recovery Guide

SCARS Publishes New Self-Help Recovery Guide SCARS Re-Launches The SCARS Steps Program In Book Form From SCARS Publishing SCARS Is Very Proud To Launch Its Latest Publication: The SCARS GREEN BOOK! Our New Self-Help SCARS Steps Recovery Guide SCARS Re-launches the SCARS Steps Program in book form to provide easier access and more flexible availability of this important program! It is a scam recovery guide for scam victims that [...]

NEW For Scam Victims – The SCARS RED BOOK – Scam Information Organizer & Record

NEW For Scam Victims - The SCARS RED BOOK A Scam Information Organizing Tool For Scam Victims From SCARS Publishing OFFICIAL SCARS™ RED BOOK™ Your Personal Scam Evidence & Crime Record A Scam Record Book for Scam Victims from SCARS The SCARS RED BOOK helps you get and stay organized Available Here: SCARS Publishing – SCARS Company Store About The Red Book SURVIVOR’S RED BOOK - Recording The Facts. This publication is to help [...]