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How The World Changed For Scam Victims With The Pandemic Effect

How The World Changed With The Pandemic For Scam Victims It Was A Total Change! A SCARS Commentary Here We Are, A Year & A Half Since The Pandemic Started ... Everyone Seems So Different Now! Apart from the obvious impacts from COVID-19 itself, the shutdowns and constant fear have had a significant and lasting impact on us all. But for scam victims, it seems it is especially [...]

Don’t Stalk The Face In The Photo! It’s A Crime

Don’t Stalk The Face In The Photo! It's A Crime We Are All Sympathetic That Victims Are Scammed! But Don't Make It Worse By Breaking The Law Too! SCARS Basics Series People Who Have Had Their Photos Stolen Are Victims Too! They Are Impersonation Victims! However, it is even more of a problem when the scam victim that fell for those photos hunts down the impersonation victims. That [...]

Surviving The Change: Scams Turn Lives Upside Down

Surviving The Change: Scams Turn Lives Upside Down A SCARS Guide After you realize that you have been scammed and lost a large sum of money, you will naturally have real concerns about what it means for your life. It is natural to panic, but panic will take you down the wrong roads and make your situation worse in the long run. The very sad truth is that it may mean losing almost everything. Only [...]