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How Do Scammers & Thieves Get Your Personal & Financial Information?

How Do Scammers & Thieves Get You Personal & Financial Information? A SCARS Insight Scammers & Identity Thieves Are Not Stupid! Scammers and Identity Thieve Steal the Information from Millions of Victims Every Year! ACCORDING TO SOME REPORTS THERE IS A 1 OUT OF 2 CHANCE OF YOU BECOMING AN IDENTITY THEFT VICTIM Identity theft occurs when someone fraudulently uses your personal information to obtain credit, take out [...]

Spotting Scams & Anti-Scam Tips – Article Catalog

Spotting Scams & Anti-Scam Tips - Article Catalog The Clues & Tips To Help You Avoid Scams & Scammers From the basics to detailed red flags! Learn how to avoid scams now and in the future! A SCARS Topic Collection Updated: July 29, 2021 Scams Are Complex And Contain Hidden Dangers! Staying Safe Online Requires That you Have More Than Attitude & Intelligence! It Requires Specialized Knowledge! In [...]

McAfee’s Guide To Sharing Online Safely

McAfee's Ultimate Guide To Sharing Online Courtesy of McAfee Presented by SCARS In A Recent Article By Mcafee, They Laid Out The Essentials For Sharing Safely Online And In Social Media Source: The following is shared with our audience in the hope that we can help reduce scamming that comes from scammers targeting those that over-share online! Here are three ways online users share too much information [...]