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Top Scamming Countries In The World As Of July 2021

Top Scamming Countries In The World As Of July 2021 A SCARS Insight A New Look At The World Of Scamming! As a result of the pandemic, new countries increased their activities and became more dominant at scamming! HERE IS THE SHORTLIST OF THE LEADING SCAMMER COUNTRIES Nigeria Nigeria has diversified its approach to scams over the years. Today Nigeria is more than the old 419 scams. They [...]

Coupon Scams – Yes, It Is A Thing!

Coupon Scams - Yes, It Is A Thing! A Guide To Using Coupons To Save Money Safety A SCARS Insight In Today's tough economy many are turning to Coupons again to save money! But scammers are right there to catch and steal your money! While couponing is indeed a great way to make sure you can get some really good deals, it is vital that [...]

Understanding Yahoo Boy Methods

Understanding Yahoo Boy Methods A SCARS Insight Yahoo boys – How They Make Billions The Nigerians That We All Call Yahoo Boys Are The More Famous Of The Nigerian Scammers These are the ones that appear in the press and are the ones that get arrested and sent to prison. This article will talk mostly about Yahoo Boys, G-Boys, and Yahoo Yahoo, though it also applies to the [...]

Example Romance Scammer Grooming Language

Example Romance Scammer Grooming Language A SCARS Insight Scammers Use Specific Language To Groom Scam Victims Scammers Use Deliberately Difficult Language To Hook Victims These are perfect examples of scammer grammar It’s an unfortunate reality that as the popularity of social networking and dating sites has grown so has the number of reported romance and online dating scams. If you’ve never heard of a romance scam, it’s a type [...]

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