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The SCARS Interview With Kevin Snook – Impersonation Victim! [VIDEO]

Kevin Snook Impersonation Victim Used in Romance Scams [VIDEO] An Exclusive SCARS Interview Presented by SCARS An Interview With Kevin Snook! Kevin Snook is a global businessman who has had his identity and his photos stolen and used by romance scammers & fraudsters worldwide - especially in West Africa. Of course, you have probably seen his photos thousands of times on social media and dating websites. He is a scammer's [...]

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Scam Victim?

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Scam Victim? The Needs Of Every Victim After The Scam A SCARS Insight What Responsibilities Does A Person Have After They Become A Victim Of A Scam? Everyone has a duty to their fellow citizens but also to themselves! Every member of a culture has a duty to help make life better for themselves and for others. When we turn away from this duty [...]

What Is A Relationship Scam? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What Is A Relationship Scam? Understanding Scams Infographic! A SCARS Insight A Relationship Scam - Don't You mean A Romance Scam? Nope! The Definition of a Relationship Scam: It is a one-to-one criminal act that involves a trust relationship and uses deception & manipulation to get a victim to give to the criminal something of value, such as money! A Relationship Scam includes many different types of scams, each with [...]

There Is No “He” Or “She” In Romance Scams

There Is No He Or She In Romance Scams Correcting Confusion And Helping Victims Recover The Psychology of Scams A SCARS Insight Almost All Romance Scams Victims Start Out Confused About Who Scammed Them! Often scam victims associate the scam with the face in the photos, even if intellectually they understand that it was scammers behind the photo! As of 2021, SCARS has had a little under 12,000 victims pass [...]

Social Media Safety – Securing Key Accounts

Social Media Safety Securing Key Accounts A SCARS Insight Your Social Media Platforms Staying Safe Online Is No Joke! Social media platforms have become an integral part of online lives. Social networks are a great way to stay connected with others, but you should be wary about how much personal information you post. Staying safe online requires knowledge and skill, and the sooner you learn this the better off you [...]

The Problem With Fake Checks & Job Scams!

The Problem With Fake Checks & Job Scams! A BBB Insight Presented by SCARS How Big Of A Problem Are Fake Checks? Two Things Everyone Needs To Know About Checks: Having funds credited to