Suicide & Romance Scams

Scam Trauma Syndrome [STS]

Scam Trauma Syndrome [STS] The Apparent Psychological Factors Affecting Scam Victims A Paper on the Psychology of Scams An Exploration of the Psychological Effects of a Romance Scam on its Victim A Whitepaper By Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. Scam Trauma Syndrome is a term that we have termed at the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS] for the trauma that Romance Scam Victims experience as a result of [...]

A Pessimistic Future: 2021 Global Scam Predictions

Please Help Us Help Scam Victims Worldwide By Making A Small Donation To SCARS Your generous contribution of Just $5 will help us continue to educate & support the victims of relationship scams. You will be helping to support free scam avoidance education for adults & children, free victims' assistance & support, free victim recovery programs, real advocacy on behalf of victims, online crime prevention programs, and so much more that SCARS delivers. Click [...]

Scam Survivor’s Guilt : A SCARS Insight

Scam Survivor's Guilt : A SCARS Insight Crime victims are especially prone to expressing guilt, even if there are no other victims of their crime. In the case of online scam victims, the survivor's guilt can overwhelm them but be compounded by the realization that they are just one of the millions affected by these crimes. What Is Survivor's Guilt? Survivor guilt (or survivor's guilt; also called survivor syndrome or survivor's syndrome and survivor disorder [...]

Being Aware Of Scam Victim Suicide Risk

Being Aware Of Scam Victim Suicide Risk A SCARS Guide As with anyone who has been traumatized and dealt a devastating blow in their life, scam victims experience all of the depression and negative behavioral impact of anyone in similar situations. It is important to recognize that suicide is a real risk for scam victims. SCARS Estimates That Between 12 - 20 Victims Commit Suicide A Day! The following article from provides the necessary [...]

SCARS™ Support: Open Letter To A Victim In Pain

SCARS™ Support: Open Letter To A Victim In Pain We had a victim come to us in a rage over wanting to find her scammer. It appears she is not listening. We hope this information makes its way to her! Here Is Her Last Message To Us: - - - - - - - - " My recovery ? Not possible anymore I lost all,and my self respect and more I do not want to [...]

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