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INTERPOL Launches Initiative To Fight Cybercrime In Africa

INTERPOL Launches Initiative To Fight Cybercrime In Africa From The War on Scams News From The Front New INTERPOL Focus On African Cybercrime (Scams) New INTERPOL Desk Targets Cybercriminals And Internet Fraud In Africa INTERPOL is creating a new cybercrime operations desk with UK funding to boost the capacity of 49 African countries to fight cybercrime. The Africa desk will help shape a regional strategy to drive intelligence-led [...]

Suing Your Money Mule or Scammer

Suing Your Money Mule Or Scammer Many Time The Police Will Not Act Against Money Mules Or Scammers But if they are in your same country, especially in the United States or other English Common Law Based Countries then civil litigation may be an answer! The following is a general guide for educational purposes and does not represent a legal opinion. We recommend that you contact a competent [...]

Why Reporting Matters?

Why Reporting Matters? Not Only Is It Your Duty You Could Be Saving Lives! Not all scammers are going to be investigated, but the information accumulates and eventually can be used! Why Should You Report Scammers? Did You Know That Most People Do Not Report Scammers? We know that 95% of you who will read this will not report your scammer to law enforcement or any credible entity [...]