Anger & Aggression Against Scammers

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Really Understanding Your Anger [INFOGRAPHIC][VIDEOS]

Really Understanding Your Anger! Scam Victim Anger Works Against Recovery A Full Third Of Scam Victims Lose Themselves To Anger After The Discovery Anger is a normal part of the grief cycle but it easily gains control and prevents a victim's ability to move forward How Anger Affects Your Brain and Body Anger Can Be A Challenging Emotion To Work Through Sometimes our anger can be frightening. Or, [...]

Scam Victims & Violating The Law

Scam Victims & Violating The Law Many scam victims made poor decisions during the scam that may have resulted in them committing crimes, and this frequently continues after the scam in violating still more laws! We are not offering legal advice. We are presenting this information so that if any of this affects you, you can talk to an attorney and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself. [...]

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