Save Victims’ Support Funding In The United States – #VOCAfix – URGENT ACTION NEEDED – Part 1 [Updated – Success]

UPDATE - - SUCCESS - - WE WON! The VOCAfix Campaign Was Successful! The VOCAfix legislation passed the United States Senate on 7/20 and then on to the White House for the President's signature and enactment! On July 20, with an extraordinary vote of 100 to 0, the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 1652, the VOCA Fix to Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act of 2021 (“VOCA Fix”). The Alliance of the 1,700 Nonprofits that joined together [...]

SCARS Commentary – April 13, 2021 – It’s Time To Remind Congress Who They Work For!

It's Time To Remind Congress Who They Work For! A SCARS COMMENTARY Things Were Getting So Much Better, But Now They Are Getting Worse Fast! The United States is now number ONE in the complete INSECURITY of our financial system. While Congress spent the last four years on witch hunts the U.S. congress gave nearly no focus on how bad the situation was becoming. The ruling party seems [...]