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Bride Scams • A SCARS Guide

Bride Scams • A SCARS Guide Men Are Frequently Lured Into Scams Where They Seek A Bride But End Up Losing Large Amounts Of Money! This also affects the LGBTQ community too Bride Scams A bride scam is a form of romance scam or relationship scam - a confidence trick that aims to defraud potential grooms (partners) with the offer of a foreign bride. The basis of the [...]

Failure Is A Choice

You Have A Choice To Make! Failure Is A Choice However, YOU Can Recover If You Want! We Will Help You! ARE YOU CHOOSING TO FAIL? When You Are Scammed, Why Wouldn't You Want To Protect Yourself? Strangely, many scam victims ignore their own safety. Yes, only about half of victims bother to follow the recommended actions to secure their own safety. Even members of this group have [...]

Personal Opinion vs. Professional Fact

Personal Opinion vs. Professional Fact WARNING: This will often you - if you think you know something that you don't! Opinions are like relatives, everyone has them! Just think about your crazy uncle and his opinions! This article is intended to help victims understand their own misguided opinions and how other amateurs can steer them in the wrong direction. Every Scam Victim Has Opinions But opinions are just [...]

SCARS™ Guide: New Fake Money Recovery Scams

SCARS™ Guide: New Fake Money Recovery Scams Throughout Social Media, You Are Drowned In Fake Money Recovery Scams Here is our guide for how you can tell the real ones from the fake one! Yes, there actually are real money recovery companies. First: Anyone That Openly Engages In Direct Messages Or Social Media Comments About Money Recovery Is A Fraud Here Is One Common Fake Comment On Facebook: Strangely, these kinds of fake money recovery [...]