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SCARS™ Guide: United States Crime Victims Rights & Assistance By State [UPDATED]

SCARS™ Guide: United States Crime Victims Rights & Assistance By State [UPDATED] Victims' Rights & Victims' Services by U.S. State Each state adopted a list of Victim's Rights following California's example in 1982 - the Bill of Rights for Victims, or "Marsy's Law."  Certain aspects of these rights, originally established for victims of violent crimes, also cover fraud victims; however, the list of rights differs from state to state. Many state victim services provide a [...]

SCARS™ Victims’ Assistance: Finding Help! Right Now!

SCARS™ Victims' Assistance: Finding Help! Right Now! Romance Scam Victims Have Unique Challenges In Coping After A Scam Is Discovered! There are several options available to help - but if you need help get it! SCARS Own Support Groups Help Victims Online: Educational Support [JOIN HERE FIRST] for Women AND Men: Scam Victims Support Groups For Women (we have several): Support Group For Family or Friends Of Scam Victims In Total Denial (Men and [...]

The SCARS Victims’ Assistance & Support Model

The SCARS Victims' Assistance & Support Model SCARS Is The Only Crime Victims' Assistance Organization With A Focus On Cybercrime Victims, And The Only One With Proven Recovery Solutions For Scam Victims. All of our groups are pieces of a larger puzzle. They are the funnel that can lead victims to support and assistance, but not everyone is ready for a real support group - they need to learn and work through issues before they [...]

SCARS™ Real Victims’ Advocacy: Australian Romance Scam Victim Yoshe Taylor Freed From Cambodian Prison!

SCARS™ Real Victims' Advocacy: Australian Romance Scam Victim Yoshe Ann Taylor Freed From Cambodian Prison! Internet Love Scam Victim Yoshe Taylor Free From Cambodian Jail After Wrongful Drug Conviction An Australian Mother Has Returned Home! She had spent almost six years in a Cambodian prison after she was lured into an internet love scam and then manipulated into become a Mule for the scammers! MS. TAYLOR WAS ORIGINALLY SENTENCED TO 23 YEARS IN [...]

SCARS™ Special Report: United Nations Begins Discussion Of Returning Stolen Assets & Money

SCARS™ Special Report: United Nations Begins Discussion Of Returning Stolen Assets & Money Good Practices And Challenges For Returning Stolen Assets Discussed At Expert Meeting Co-Organized By UNODC From the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: 28 May 2019 - As the first global anti-corruption instrument with a dedicated chapter on asset recovery, the «United Nations Convention against Corruption» sets the bar high when it comes to ensuring that stolen assets are [...]

SCARS™ Knowledge: What Is Our Job?

SCARS™ Knowledge: What Is Our Job? Literally Every Day We Are Attacked For Not Doing Our Job! But What Is Our Job? So Many Victims Have No Idea How Scams Work Or What Is Realistic To Expect We spend vast amounts of time explaining the process, working to help victims directly through our assistance and recovery programs - helping them set rational expectations, yet many are so enraged they are incapable of even [...]


SCARS™ SCAM VICTIM WARNING Official SCARS Statement Scam victims are being contacted on Facebook by someone from an amateur pretender one man anti-scam group to get victims to leave their support and recovery programs to join his. He is engaged in a