Victims In Denial & Shame

Protecting Elderly Victims In Denial Over Scams – 2021

Protecting Elderly Victims In Denial Over Scams A SCARS Insight For Desperate Families A significant number of elderly victims cannot recognize or accept they are being scammed even after their family proves it to them. This will explore ways to protect them. There Are Times When You Have To Intervene This guide is intended for family members of victims in complete denial. It is not intended for scam [...]

Failure Is A Choice

You Have A Choice To Make! Failure Is A Choice However, YOU Can Recover If You Want! We Will Help You! ARE YOU CHOOSING TO FAIL? When You Are Scammed, Why Wouldn't You Want To Protect Yourself? Strangely, many scam victims ignore their own safety. Yes, only about half of victims bother to follow the recommended actions to secure their own safety. Even members of this group have [...]