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SCARS Subject Of International Extortion Attempt

SCARS Subject Of International Extortion Attempt An attempt to extort money from SCARS for displaying evidence of cybercrimes A German Company is Attempting to Extort Money from SCARS for Displaying Evidence Photos! As a part of our process to alert crime victims of the uses of stolen photos, SCARS displays such photos with the appropriate disclaimer. Such use is a normal part of "Fair Use" under international copyright [...]

Fake Rental Assistance Scams

Fake Rental Assistance Scams There are countless assistance and short term load scams out there! Be careful always! Avoid Scammers Offering To Pay Your Rent If you’re facing eviction for any reason, there are organizations out there who can help you. But there are also fake “organizations” and “charities” who can hurt you. COVID-19 has created an even greater opportunity for scammers to target people — people who [...]