Millennial Scam Victims! – A SCARS Special Report

God Help Millennials! Millennials Are The Most Scammed Demographic A SCARS Special Report Our Latest Generation Of "Adults" Are Being Scammed At Faster Rates And In Greater Numbers Than Senior Citizens Let's face it, Millennials think they own the online world - they grew up with it, they live it every second of the day. But this same absolute confidence in their mastery of everything Internet is also [...]

Trump Signs Historic Order To Address Flaws In Communications Decency Act [UPDATED: Revoked By Joe Biden]

Trump Signs Historic Order To Address Flaws In Communications Decency Act [UPDATED: Revoked By Joe Biden] A SCARS Insight This was an important step in the direction of protecting everyone online and holding tech and social media companies accountable. Unfortunately, President Biden revoked this order almost immediately on gaining the presidency! Thus serving to protect the tech companies and not the internet consumers! Revoked by President Joe Biden May [...]

Stop Local Government Data Incompetence – A SCARS Commentary

Stop Local Government Data Incompetence A SCARS Commentary SCARS Commentary How Much Longer Are We Going To Tolerate Incompetence And Neglect? Local governments are allowed to get away with almost anything when it comes to our data! Some of their functions are covered under HIPAA and a few other regs, but most are as incompetently managed as the rest of local government functions. A recent post by a processional [...]

FBI Releases 2020 Internet Crime Report [UPDATED]

FBI Releases 2020 Internet Crime Report In 2020, while the American public was focused on protecting our families from a global pandemic and helping others in need, cybercriminals took advantage of an opportunity to profit from our dependence on technology to go on an Internet crime spree. These criminals used phishing, spoofing, extortion, and various types of Internet-enabled fraud to target the most vulnerable in our society - medical workers searching for personal protective [...]

Do Not Photograph & Post Your Vaccine Cards [VIDEO]

Do Not Photograph & Post Your Vaccine Cards Social media is no place for COVID-19 vaccination cards. When you post it to Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media platform, you may be handing valuable info over to someone who could use it for identity theft You have to be more cautious about what you post online! Fraudsters Are Looking For Those Vaccine Card [...]

COVID Patient Family Member Scam

COVID Patient Family Member Scam Scammers Are Always Creative In Finding New Ways To Steal Your Money Warning - Scammers Target Loved Ones Of COVID-19 Victims A New Form Of Government Imposter Scam Government imposters may have hit a new low with a scheme that targets the grieving survivors of people who died of COVID-19 by offering them help paying for their loved one’s funeral expenses. There is [...]

Missouri Money/Parcel Mule Convicted

Missouri Money/Parcel Mule Convicted St. Louis, Missouri woman admitted Wednesday that she participated in a romance scam that targeted middle-aged or older women Prosecutors said the scam, which began in 2019, duped women across the country into sending valuable items to the post office box. The victims believed the box was used either by a real estate agent or a diplomat's secretary. This Money/Parcel Mule Knowingly Participated With [...]

The “Magazine Scams”

The "Magazine Scam" Target Confused Seniors With Magazine Rip-Off Scams The Magazine Scam - Victim Information From the U.S. Attorney, District of Minnesota What is the “Magazine Case”?  The “magazine case” is a series of federal cases brought in the District of Minnesota, which charge more than 60 defendants with a telemarketing scam that swindled seniors and other vulnerable victims out of more than $300 million. The scam [...]

Romance Scams Take Record Dollars In 2020 Per FTC Data

Romance Scams Take Record Dollars In 2020 Per FTC Data The FTC Reports Scams Nearly doubled in 2020 Exactly as SCARS Analysis predicted FTC Analysis Or Romance Scam Data In 2020 The FTC Compiles is Romance Scams Data for 2020 Based upon what was Reported They say love hurts. With romance scams that’s doubly true – hearts are broken and wallets are emptied. For three years running, people [...]

FBI Arrests a Romance Scammer in Georgia

Romance Scammers Pretending To Be Engineers Con North Carolina Women Out Of Thousands, FBI says Paul Edward was a civil engineer from Ireland with a teenage daughter, according to his dating profile. He’d just moved to South Africa for a building project when a worker was hurt on the job. Suddenly he was financially responsible and needed cash — now. That’s the story at least two men in Georgia are accused of telling [...]

Fake Rental Assistance Scams

Fake Rental Assistance Scams There are countless assistance and short term load scams out there! Be careful always! Avoid Scammers Offering To Pay Your Rent If you’re facing eviction for any reason, there are organizations out there who can help you. But there are also fake “organizations” and “charities” who can hurt you. COVID-19 has created an even greater opportunity for scammers to target people — people who [...]

Urgent Financial Assistance For Scam Victims

Financial Assistance For U.S. Scam Victims For Scam Victims Living In The United States Urgent Financial Assistance For Scam Victims IF YOU ARE A SCAM VICTIM LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES THERE ARE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE The following is speaking more about people in financial need than for victims, but victims may also be in financial need and these are programs available to you as well. If you do not [...]