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The Spanish Prisoner Scam

The Spanish Prisoner Scam The Spanish Prisoner is a confidence trick originating by at least the early 19th century, as Eugène François Vidocq described in his memoirs It is one of the basic scam types still in use today! Reprinted from Slate » The Spanish Prisoner, the Treasure-Dangling Scam That Won’t Die “A man in this country receives a letter from a foreign city,” reads a New York Times trend story from 1898, about [...]

How Some Academics View Scamming In Africa

How Some Academics View Scamming In Africa A SCARS Special Report The View Of Academic Apologists On Ghana Scammers! Updated: March 2021 Meet Jenna Burrell, Associate Profession of the University of Berkeley, California. A progressive associate professor at their school of Information. The video below represents a prevailing view amongst American Progressive Academics that "Young Men" in Ghana are marginalized by Western Countries, and for that reason turn [...]