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RSN™ Special Report: How Some Academics View Scamming In Africa

RSN™ Special Report: How Some Academics View Scamming In Africa The Sickening View Of Academic Apologists On Ghana Scammers! Updated: November 2018 Meet Jenna Burrell, Associate Profession of the University of Berkeley, California. A progressive associate professor at their school of Information. The video below represents a prevailing view amongst American Progressive Academics that is almost unbelievable in how "Young Men" in Ghana are marginalized by Western Countries. How it is Western Business and attitudes [...]

Understanding Scammers: What exactly is the Nigerian dream?

What exactly is the Nigerian dream? In order to combat an enemy, you must first understand them. Not just as inanimate objects, but as human beings capable of inflicting such pain on others. In no way are we condoning what scammers do. In fact, there is little difference between a romance scam and an act of violence. However, we do try to understand why they think they can engage in such psychological violence, but also [...]

RSN™ Commentary: Boycott African Products Now!

Boycott African Products Now! NO MORE EXCUSES - NO MORE APOLOGISTS We have to end the lawless behavior of African Scammers, Human Traffickers & Slavers, and African Thugs & Terrorists! Until African Governments solve African problems that corrupt and harm the rest of the world we want no African products! BOYCOTT AFRICAN PRODUCTS NOW! BOYCOTT AFRICAN COFFEE! RSN COMMENTARY We are finding it amazing how many people are opposed to a boycott of African Coffee! [...]