Want To Analyze Scammer Photos?

Sometimes the data embedded in a photo can tell you a lot about who took it, or how it was created.

For example.  Let’s say you ask a person online to send you a photo right from their cell phone camera.  That photo would have a record of the camera that took it inside the photo file.  Using this tool you can see that hidden “meta” data.  On the other hand, if it was created by an unknown image editing software, you know it’s been tweaked or edited – instant red flag!

You will also be able to see if someones face was added to an existing photo – a favorite scammer trick!

To analyze a photo you do not need to download or save the photo.  You can right click and copy the URL of the photo.

The following is a tool from a third-party website – we suggest that you not click on the other links.

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